1/30: Goodbye – NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month is upon us again. I’m very excited about participating in the 30/30 challenge this year. I had a great time last year. I love poetry. This year I’m doing things differently.

In addition to participating in NaPoWriMo, I am also giving Camp NaNoWriMo a try. My goal is to write a 30,000 word novel by April 30th. So in an attempt to streamline everything, I will be writing poems in the voice of my characters from my novel “Beholder of My Eye”, unless otherwise noted.

The poem below is from Ethan (my protagonist) following the loss of his father.



I had to say goodbye.

I didn’t want to

But I wasn’t given a choice.

I wasn’t given time to prepare myself,

But how much time would be adequate?


The news of your passing made a 35 year old man

Feel 5 years old and alone

It took me back to the time when

I learned of mom’s passing

And this time it hurt even more

Because I didn’t have another parent to turn to for support.


How much time is needed to adequately  to prepare

A tree that must separate from the stream that gave it life

Because that’s how it felt when I learned of your passing.

I felt robbed and uprooted.


Who will saturate me with wisdom

Now that you’re gone?

What am I to do with the shoes

You left behind?

What am I to do with these questions I can’t answer?


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