Sin Crouches at my Door

Genesis 4:7


Iambic Pentameter with AABB rhyme


I hear it, when it scrapes its claws against

my door I often shudder with the angst

that rules the tide of my emotions. It

desires that which I cannot give. Get

me to the throne I plead, but I…I fight

with the knowledge that part of being right

with grace means mastering the lion that

awaits me on the other side of that

old door I’ve been trying to keep secure

for far too long but…how do I mature

in the old realization that this fight

has been fixed in my favor for my right

to walk in the anointing where I have

been garrisoned by God’s power to have

full access through faith to the promise? How

do I, the sinner that I am right now,

breakthrough this condemnation that forces

me to keep this door shut? But the courses,

the many paths I have taken, they led

me to these dead ends and now straight ahead

lies my only way out. I must overcome

I must come out from under satan’s thumb.

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