Literary Journal: Vol. VI Erosion

TL Publishing Group celebrates National Poetry Month with the release of the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume VI Erosion. This sixth edition brings readers a special interview and a broad overview of the spoken word scene in the Tampa, Florida community. In addition, readers will see a fresh collection of material written by new and veteran Torridian writers from around the world.

If readers enjoyed the Evolution issue that kicked of the New Year, then this Erosion issue will quickly grab their hearts with captivating poems such as Idyllic Pain, Inadequate Goodbyes, Boxed In, and Ghost in His Clothes in addition to over 20 more noteworthy reads. This publication concludes its Erosion issue with gripping fiction stories that are enthralling right down to the last line.

With their ongoing programs such as their annual literary contest, the Torridian Hall of Fame, and quarterly open mic events, TL Publishing Group continues to create innovative platforms for writers to speak and be heard. All of these exciting happenings and more are covered in this issue. Supporters of the Torrid Literature Journal will want to add this timeless and valuable publication to their collection.

Click here to read the latest issue electronically.


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