3 in 1 Poem: The Traveler and Time Keeper

I keep pacing

   Back and forth

Through these verses because

   I know I missed something

In the fine print

   But the pattern eludes me

There’s a cipher unaccounted for

   And now my own lyrics are foreign to me



So I search for the lady who

   Furthermore, camouflaged in stanzas and rhymes

Has made a study out of the trail of tears

   That decorate the night sky,

That form the constellations that hold the secrets

   of the universe

I discovered when I fell deep – within my element of time

   Here I am practically compounded with sensory thoughts



And these thoughts lead to memories and dreams where

   I ponder if time travel is possible

These emotions are so strong

   Because I exist simultaneously within three different points of time

I’m the hunter in my dreams and

   I’m the prey in my memories but herein

Above all I am a sojourner in this day and age

   I am a poet

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