Look at You (The Forgotten Lyrics)

TFL Cover 1

All decadent in your lyrical splendor,

Drawing unrehearsed gasps from prying eyes.

You anointed beauty, arise.


Come forth and tenure a verse

That will feed fervent ears

And sate insatiable adheres.


Your talents are attractive.

As a heir to intelligence and

A protégé of success, come forth and expand.


You leave even the envious wanting more of the light you shed.

The lyrical tempest that you are,

Let your stanzas manifest and unhinge the fixed star


That sits below the parallel bar,

Tucked away,

Waiting for the opportunistic day.


Arise artist. Let them all know

Your silence isn’t a censor but a

Certified prospector, letting patience have its perfect work the right way.


Arise and take up more than

A simple mundane claim

To fame.


You are more than

Your tears

Shed in arrears.


You artist you

You are more than the bleeding heart

That showcases like abstract art.


You are more than

The excessive

That seems aggressive.


Look at you

Your poems are epically sought,

Notably stroking the suppressed thought.


Your muse is tenured to the

Bold and wayward. Your

Lyrical swag is like a poetic chord with full allure.


Comprised of a three-part harmony,

When struck just right

Intelligence, experience, and preeminence can be felt outright


Look at you

The conduit that you are

At what you can do from afar.


Now let them get a taste of you up close

And savor the audacity

That shines from your velocity.


My love, look at you

Vocally a timid spirit

Till its time to rouse the silent mentalist.


Your finesse

Puts to rest

All doubts that are confessed.


Your calmness is a tempting prelude

That seduces the senses

And eradicates ones defenses.


When released from your pen,

Your words carry an impressionistic weight

That’s utterly ornate.


Look at you

The lover that you are stands in great demand.

No one can redefine and


Restructure romance like you.

It’s not the physicality

But your mentality


That has advanced, seeking to pamper the

Love language of the demanding

Lover, beyond the mere understanding.


Your love is technical because unconditionally

It’s an all or nothing state for you.

You realize the intricacies that lay beneath love’s view.


Look at you!

No one can do you

Better than you already do.


You are phenomenally structured

And well deserving of the strut

That resonates from your words that are uncut.


Whether written or spoken,

Your words are like velvet on the skin and

Aroma therapy for the senses whose fragrance is beyond grand.


You’re the Lyrical Tempest.

The one prototypes envy behind closed doors yet

The same one publically acclaimed in a critical set.


Don’t tarry

Come and linger with me for a while

As you flawlessly flaunt your artistic style


That causes others to look at you.

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