The Adoption

You found a home for

What was never mines

I carried them to maturity

Even birth them

But when it came time to let them go

I did so freely

Knowing fully I was the incubator

Carrying a bundle of verses

For another soul that couldn’t breed a thought

Let alone a dream


Then the time came

And you accepted them as your own

Then I knew why

I was up all times of the night

Fooling around with visions


What was fiction for me

Was reality for you


I was meant to be impregnated

With this word

So it would develop

Into a full grown message

That I would have to let depart

So it may have its perfect work

In another heart that’s drowning in thought



What will you do

With that which is now your own?

Because I’ve seen the anomaly

That is skepticism interfere

With the rearing of a dream

And the cultivation of hope


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